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From the Sessions...

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    In the initial session, I take time to get to know you and to hear your story. I want to know what brought you into therapy and what you hope to accomplish during our time together. I focus on learning about you, developing a relationship and gaining your trust. I also take time to lay out expectations, discuss confidentiality, and complete paperwork. I work together to develop goals for therapy and make sure they are practical and realistic. While goals may evolve over the course of therapy, I want to make sure you are seeing progress in areas you have identified. In the following sessions, I continue to tailor treatment to your specific needs as I get to know you better. I’ll develop new ideas and possible solutions to try, identify obstacles, and build on the strengths that you have. At the end of each session It will be our aim to empower you to leave with practical and workable steps to take toward your goal that you have had a hand in creating. You become a partner in designing therapy to fit your unique circumstance. Ultimately all decisions made in therapy will be yours to make.

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