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Parent / Teen Therapy

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    Anyone who has a teenager is probably familiar with the term conflict. In fact, most adolescents seem to come by this state of being quite naturally. There are many important misunderstandings that occur both with the parent and with the adolescent, that, if recognised would not only reduce conflict, but strengthen the relationship, even if it seems there is hardly one there. While arguments between a parent and their teen is not of itself a bad thing, the manner in which we choose to resolve theses disagreements is what ultimately determines the outcome and anxiety each encounters. Raising any adolescent is a lesson in understanding, negotiating, and patience and while every parent feels overwhelmed at times. A therapist provides an opportunity to increase communication and better understand your relationship with your child and a plan to learn how to fight fair and to assist our young adults develop a respectful voice. Parent/teen counselling can bring a neutral voice and new perspective to the table, helping both you and your teen develop a healthy, caring relationship for the future.

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