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About Wayne McIntosh

Wayne McIntosh is a Counselling Psychologist providing psychotherapy for a diverse range of clients including children, adolescent and adults. Clients may present on their own, as couples, with parental support or as family groups. Wayne has a strong interest and experience supporting clients with complex trauma and interpersonal conflict, relationships issues and parent teen conflict. His passion includes a particular interest in supporting and providing understanding and trauma processing for young people and their families within the West Australian foster care system. In addition to his trauma work Wayne has a wide knowledge and experience in supporting young people who have an Autism Spectrum Diagnosis and attention / behavioural issues. Support includes psychotherapy and understanding your diagnosis, psycho-education and social training, exploring strategies to better manage frustration and communication hurdles, managing the home and school environment and providing support and understanding for families. Wayne also has extensive experience working with people with a range of psychological problems including depression, anxiety and adjustment disorders, grief and loss, substance use difficulties and suicide ideation. Wayne works collaboratively with his clients and families and aims to help people build skills and knowledge in developing strategies that are achievable and focused on resolving or to better understand their issues. Wayne has a passion to ensure that individuals, particularly young people have an opportunity to have a voice, whether it be in treatment options, within the home or in educational and work environments. Wayne is more than keen to advocate and support young people through case conferencing, developing a working relationship with schools and attending educational meetings requiring support in developing achievable individual education and behaviour management plans. Wayne has a strong interest in the relationships between parents and their children / adolescents as well as teaching staff and the young person and how their relationships and interactions impact on attitudes, moods and motivation. 

Whilst all clients have a significant right to confidentiality, parental input and participation are both sought and encouraged. Wayne’s experience has included children presenting with complex issues and adjustment difficulties as young as 4 years of age through to an 82 year old veteran presenting with grief and loss and complex trauma. Wayne’s working life has included psychological positions working with:

- Long term unemployed

- Outreach support

- Specialist child interviewer which included interviewing children who had experienced physical and or sexual abuse, for the purpose of recording their forensic interviews

- Supporting remote Aboriginal communities offering culturally sensitive interventions

- Counselling Psychologist - Department of Child Protection- residential care

- 4 years in private practice 

- Young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families 

- Cancer patients

- Individuals with complex trauma

- At risk youth

- Suicide intervention and facilitating Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Health Plans

A client can access a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan from their Doctor which entitles them to a medicare rebate. The medicare rebate apply for up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. Payments are to be made on the day of consultation with out of pocket expenses allocated with consideration for health card holders. 

Clients can also self refer and may be entitled to private health care rebates, depending on their level of cover. It is recommended that clients check to see if their private health care policy includes specific cover for a Counseling Psychologist.  

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